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ABC Vent is one of Sweden’s leading companies in energy-efficient and climate-smart ventilation systems. ABC Vent utilizes MagiCAD Manufacturer Services’ expertise in software development to have their combination products easily inserted and fully functioning in MagiCAD for AutoCAD.

“The purpose of developing a selection tool is to make it easy for our customers, both contractors and consultants, to see our entire product range in each area (roof cowls, grills and wall devices) and be able to choose the right product and size.”

The challenge

Users are normally able to insert BIM objects with a single air flow data to their projects. The software understands objects with either supply or exhaust air, but not both of them. ABC Vent offers roof cowls that consist of three product parts: a roof inlet, an outdoor supply part, and an exhaust part. The main challenge for ABC Vent was to add roof cowl combination products with multiple air flows to a design software and make sure they function in calculations.

The solution

For the ABC Vent roof cowls, it is possible to define their product type to be exhaust air, outdoor air, or a combination of them in the selection tool. The new ABC Vent’s MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool allows designers to easily select correct size product with one or two air systems. In the project, these will be visible as one product as they are in real life, even though MagiCAD treats them as two different products for functional calculations.

How MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool for ABC Vent works

The user has to first select which of the three products they want to add to the project; roof cowls, outdoor grilles, or wall device. In case of the roof cowls, the user has three product type options; exhaust air, outdoor air, or combination of the two.

ABC Vent’s new selection tool for their products with multiple airflows

After inserting air flow to the tool and searching for options, the correct product can be chosen from manufacturer’s recommended pressure drop area. The user can see all recommended sizes and description of calculation results including sound power level and the pressure drop. Roof duct is an optional product to be added to the roof cowl in this phase. The roof duct will be connected to the roof cowl and they are visible as one product package in the project. There are also additional accessories, but they will be transferred to the project as text and included in BOM.

If the user selects the grille, the configuration is similar to the roof cowls, but in the selection phase the user will have a matrix of suitable sizes to choose from. Inserting outdoor grilles to the project requires installation height as a mandatory field. After that air flow system has to be selected. The system can also be changed later in the project, if needed.

The third product type in the selection tool is the wall device. The selection process is basically identical to roof cowls, but it doesn’t have any optional products such as roof ducts.

ABC Vent’s new selection tool makes product selection easy and effortless. ABC Vent’s recommendations and matrix help users to choose correct products to their projects.

“We believe that it’s important to develop digital tools for the customers so they can choose the right product in an easy way and to minimize the risk of errors when choosing products.”

Watch demo in Youtube

See the online selection tool here:

About ABC Vent

ABC Ventilationsprodukter AB offers a wide range of roof cowls, outdoor air grilles and wall fixtures, duct systems, dampers, fire protection products and filter cabinets. Their products have a long service life and they are optimal for the end user, easy to design and safe to install. ABC Vent is headquartered in Borås, Sweden, together with their production premises. They also have a sales office in Stockholm.

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