Lindab’s new LindQST MagiCAD Plugin transforms ventilation design in Revit


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Known for simplifying the process of finding and calculating optimal products for indoor climate, LindQST has become an essential tool for ventilation professionals in Europe. The new version of the LindQST MagiCAD plugin promises to further enhance this process, offering improved integration and efficiency.

Lindab specializes in providing products and solutions for ventilation, heating, cooling, and indoor climate control systems. They offer a wide range of products such as ducting, dampers, diffusers, and various ventilation components used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Lindab is known for its innovative approach to creating efficient and sustainable solutions for indoor environments. They also develop software tools like LindQST to aid in the design and implementation of these systems, aiming to streamline processes for professionals in the industry.

The new version of the LindQST MagiCAD Plugin enables a completely new way of integrated BIM-design in MagiCAD for Revit and Autodesk Revit. With the new version, the user can connect the Revit model to a LindQST project and upload the MEP-Spaces including their data like name, required airflows and cooling and heating capacities to LindQST, where the rooms are automatically created in the 3D Indoor Climate Designer.

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“The new version of the MagiCAD plugin integrates the user’s BIM-model seamlessly with Lindab’s product selection software LindQST. Now users can easily reuse the model in Revit and don’t have to design the rooms in the LindQST manually.”

“For us it was important to make the design work more effective and integrated with MagiCAD and with a higher accuracy.” States Kai Bingström, Manager ITsolutions at Lindab.

“But it’s not just that the users can upload MEP-Spaces, it is now also possible to export multiple products back to MagiCAD for Revit, including their positioning and rotation in the model. No more manual insertion product-by-product is required, which saves time and improves the quality of the integrated design.” Kai adds.

With the new plugin, integrated ventilation design between the BIM-project and Lindab’s product selection software LindQST becomes even more comfortable and productive by integrating the best of two worlds.

Lindab MagiCAD Manufacturer Services

In addition to retaining all the well-known functions from previous versions, the new plugin also introduces a new function for the recently developed Damper Selector in LindQST.

Follow the link below for an overview of how the plugin works: