Six things you need to know about MagiCAD Ventilation for Revit


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MagiCAD for Revit

Ensuring clean, healthy air indoors is one of the most challenging tasks in modern buildings. MagiCAD makes this task easier by providing a set of modelling and productivity enhancing functions that cut down on routine mechanical design work. With MagiCAD, even demanding duct routing solutions are easy to model. 

In addition, MagiCAD enables accurate calculations, adjustments and optimisation of the ventilation systems in the design phase. It offers a large selection of built-in calculations, such as flow summation, sizing, balancing and sound calculations. 

Here are 6 of the top features of MagiCAD Ventilation for Revit we want you to know about: 

  1. Copy Branch: Easily copy objects and save time in designing your MEP system. 
  2. Smart Move: Use Smart Move to easily adjust elevations. 
  3. Calculation reports with sizing: Calculation reports with sizing and insulation selection enable more effective work. You can change duct sizes and insulation series directly in the report, analyse the results and update the model.
  4. Multi-Crossing: Save time with the Multi-Crossing tool by easily creating an elevation change for multiple ducts at the same time, in order to bypass another element, such as a duct, a pipe or a cable tray.
  5. Device Connection:  Makes it easy to connect devices to ducts or duct bends.  
  6. Standard Connection: Connect ducts that are at different elevations or laterally offset.

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