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MagiCAD 2022 for Revit has many useful new features, but have you noticed this insanely useful feature of pre-configured pipe series? Manufacturers are now able to provide pipes that include a set of fittings that are compatible with the selected pipe or drainage.

Adding piping to a CAD project used to require a lot of effort from end users. The pipes and their fittings were selected manually, often by scrolling through manufacturer’s product catalogue and trying to find out what fittings were compatible with selected pipe or drainage segments. There was almost endless amount of combinations, and figuring out the suitable fittings for the pipes in the project was very time-consuming.

The pre-configured pipe series in MagiCAD for Revit is the best way to add piping to the project. Manufacturers can provide pre-configured pipes and drainages in MagiCAD, thus making selecting of pipe segments and fittings much easier and faster. Customer experience is one of the best ways to create competitive advantage, and sometimes even the smallest improvements can create outstanding experience. Who wouldn’t appreciate features that make their work easier?

Pipe series in MagiCAD Cloud

The pre-configured pipe series now available in MagiCAD Cloud

Downloading a pipe series from MagiCAD Cloud includes pipes and pre-configured fittings provided by the manufacturer. When the user selects a pipe or drainage, the set can include bends, joints, branches, reducers, and plugs in sizes that are suitable for the selected product. The content can be viewed in the MagiCAD Cloud, where a product card for each pipe or drainage segment includes sizes as well as available fittings in suitable sizes.

List of fittings for a pipe segment in MagiCAD Cloud

The MagiCAD Cloud already includes standard series as well as several manufacturers’ pre-configured pipe series. There will be many more to come! We welcome all pipe and drainage manufacturers to contact us for more information.

Browse pipe and drainage series in MagiCAD Cloud