The CPQ revolution: Transforming the sale of complex MEP products in the digital age


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The CPQ revolution: Transforming the sale of complex MEP products in the digital age

The wave of digitalisation is fundamentally reshaping the construction industry, and at the center of this transformation are manufacturers of MEP products. With an increasing demand for speed and accuracy in the quoting process, MagiCAD Manufacturers Services offers customized Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software solutions that are designed to streamline and revolutionize the way sales are conducted. In this article, we explore how CPQ technology can not only improve the sales process but also contribute to a more integrated and efficient building design.

What is Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Software?

Basically, Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software is a cutting-edge solution designed for sellers of MEP products.
This technology simplifies the quoting process for complex, customizable products and interacts with ERP systems to ensure proper data management. CPQ tools can be used by internal sales departments as well as distributors and revolutionize the way MEP product sellers quote and sell products and services.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that help product manufacturers optimize their sales and streamline their internal processes,” says Ina Keinonen, Sales and Marketing Manager MagiCAD Services for Manufacturers. “With our CPQ software, product manufacturers in the MEP industry can now offer their customers a smoother and more customized experience while improving their own sales process.”

To solve the challenges in the sale of customizable MEP products, several recurring obstacles have been identified. With CPQ software from MagiCAD Manufacturer Services, these problems can be effectively solved.

Challenge 1: Difficulties with product configuration and quoting process
CPQ software significantly reduces the time and effort required to configure products.

Challenge 2: Price errors and unevenness
CPQ software corrects price discrepancies and ensures that prices are accurate and consistent across all sales channels.

Challenge 3: Long sales processes
CPQ software automates workflows and promotes collaboration between different parties, reducing the need for time-consuming data checks.

Customer Case: Vallox

One of the first companies to benefit from CPQ software is Vallox, a leading manufacturer of air handling systems. Vallox previously used manual and time-consuming processes to configure and price their products.

With the introduction of CPQ software from MagiCAD Services for Manufacturers, Vallox has been able to significantly shorten the configuration and quoting process. In addition, the software has ensured price consistency and eliminated errors in the quoting process.

Cpq solution

The CPQ software has been a game-changer for us, “ says Marko Kannisto, Product Manager at Vallox. “It has helped us streamline our internal processes and provide our customers with faster and more accurate quotes. It has really improved our competitiveness in the market, making it easier for designers to use our products, which in turn has led to more sales for us.

We are the bridge between designers and manufacturers

At MagiCAD Manufacturer Services, we create tailor-made software solutions for MEP manufacturers. We strongly believe in collaboration and co-creation with our clients, a strategy that has resulted in some of the most successful ideas in the industry. Our journey begins with a commitment to the users. By understanding the challenges and needs of designers and product manufacturers, we aim to simplify their lives and enable smarter, faster building designs with seamlessly integrated products.

The power of CPQ in your hands

Regardless of your role as a manufacturer, distributor, or stakeholder, the impact of CPQ software is clear and important. It’s crucial to take a closer look at how it can benefit your business and goals. Contact us today to see how CPQ software can transform your business, streamline processes, and improve your product offerings.