MagiCAD Schematics window with system information

Share system information between model and schematic

Use the same system information in ventilation and piping projects and schematic projects

  • Keep system information up-to-date
  • Define systems in schematic before modelling networks
  • Tag system information into schematic drawing

MagiCAD allows you to connect a ventilation and piping project with a schematic project. When connected, the same system information is available for both applications.

Connecting system information allows you to define systems already at an early stage of a project when creating schematic drawings and then use the same system information later when modelling networks.

When the model and schematic share the same system information, it is easy to keep the data current with any changes that are made during the project.

Ventilation and piping system information can be accessed through the symbols and lines in the schematic drawing allowing you to tag system information directly into the schematic drawing.