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Vallox MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool is the first MagiCAD Cloud Selection tool for air handling units built on top of the MagiCAD Core solution accelerator. It is BIM ready web application that allows user to search and customize Vallox products, view product properties and save design as a project. Introducing variety of intelligent features Vallox MagiCAD Cloud Selection tool is versatile and well customizable according to user’s preferences.

New Vallox MagiCAD Cloud Selection tool features:

  • User control & project management possibility
  • Units handling
  • PDF reports & bill of materials
  • Weather data
  • Finnish D2, D3 energy calculations
  • LCC calculations
  • BIM ready with the MagiCAD Connect app: MagiCAD for AutoCAD, MagiCAD for Revit and plain Revit

About Vallox

Vallox Oy is the one of the biggest manufacturers of products in the field of indoor air technology. Vallox products are used in one-family houses, leisure homes, blocks of flats and municipal buildings, such as schools, day-care centres and service flats. The products are suitable both for new buildings and renovation. More information can be found at

About MagiCAD Connect

MagiCAD Connect is an efficient add-on software for searching, viewing and inserting manufacturer products from MagiCAD Cloud directly into MagiCAD for AutoCAD and Revit, as well as into standard Revit projects. When installing MagiCAD Connect, Revit users can insert free of charge a selected portion of MagiCAD Cloud’s BIM objects in native Revit RFA format.

In addition, MagiCAD Connect provides access to MagiCAD’s Selection Tools. These are web applications that help users to select and configure complex manufacturer products. Once the desired product has been configured, it can be inserted directly into the MagiCAD or Revit project as a BIM object with correct technical information.

About MagiCAD Core

MagiCAD Core is a solution accelerator that brings significant time savings in a software project and cost savings at customer’s end. By using MagiCAD Core’s ready software components and ability to MEP product customization, the focus of the development can be set on the business logic rather than to infrastructure. MagiCAD Core makes the maintenance and extension of the software easy.