MagiCAD Group and One Click LCA join forces to support MEP manufacturers in environmental data collection


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MagiCAD Group and One Click LCA join forces to support MEP manufacturers in environmental data collection

MagiCAD Group and One Click LCA, a world-leading technology platform dedicated to enhancing environmental data within the construction and manufacturing industries, join forces to support MEP manufacturers in the evolving landscape of the construction industry. Both companies emphasise the critical role of industry-wide cooperation in advancing environmental awareness.

Over the years, MEP manufacturers have increasingly recognised the urgency of the climate crisis and adapted their business strategies to prioritise sustainable innovation. They are now focusing on incorporating energy-efficient technologies, reducing emissions, and using eco-friendly materials to minimise environmental impact. This shift towards sustainability has become central to their product development.

The European Union’s environmental policies and regulations are also evolving to address environmental degradation and climate change more effectively. New laws and regulations at the national level are fundamentally changing industry standards. Consequently, it is no longer sufficient to offer the most sustainable products in your category. Companies must support their claims with robust data, often requiring third-party verification to validate their environmental performance.

Understanding the pivotal role of environmental considerations in MEP design, MagiCAD Manufacturer Services, the key arm of MagiCAD Group, facilitates the digitalisation journey for MEP manufacturers. Riitta Korri, Director of Manufacturer Services at MagiCAD Group, highlighted the evolving landscape of construction and the growing imperative for sustainability:

“In today’s construction industry, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. We recognize the important role that environmental data plays in driving sustainable practices and we want to make EPD data available for designers and thereby integrate it into the design process.”

Kampmann, a leading manufacturer of air conditioning systems, has taken proactive steps by storing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its underground convectors. Imke Klompmaker, Trainee Compliance & Sustainability at Kampmann GmbH & Co. KG, elaborates on this important initiative:

“By leveraging Environmental Product Declarations, we streamline the process for our customers to attain building certifications with sustainability credentials. MEP designers can seamlessly provide the EPD for our products to building certification auditors. Additionally, EPDs empower us to explore innovative avenues for enhancing the sustainability of our products. As a result, we are committed to extending environmental product data to other offerings in our portfolio.

Echoing Korri’s sentiments, Tuomas Jääskeläinen, Business Developer at One Click LCA, stressed the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the industry’s sustainability challenges:

“Sustainable construction requires a collective effort. We aim to enhance environmental data accessibility across the industry, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions that prioritise sustainability.”

Together, MagiCAD Group and One Click LCA exemplify their shared commitment to advancing sustainable building design initiatives.

About MagiCAD Group:

MagiCAD Group is a global software solutions and manufacturer services provider with the mission to help engineering and manufacturing companies create better buildings. MagiCAD Manufacturer Services have helped over 300 MEP manufacturers in their digitalisation journey, acting as the bridge between the designers and manufacturers.

About One Click LCA:

One Click LCA is the world’s leading end-to-end sustainability software platform for construction and related manufacturing — with easy-to-use, automated life-cycle assessment and environmental product declaration solutions, among others. Used in 170+ countries, including blue-chip enterprises such as Skanska, AECOM, WSP, Foster+Partners, LafargeHolcim and Saint Gobain. One Click LCA’s software helps you comply with 80+ global standards, integrate with 20+ BIM and other softwares, and access the largest global building materials database of 250,000+ LCA datasets. One Click LCA is powering the makers of a zero-carbon future by making projects and products more sustainable.

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MagiCAD Group
Tel: +358 405608697

Tuomas Jääskeläinen
Business Developer Finland
One Click LCA
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