MagiCAD 2024 Update Release 1

1. Tools for title block handling


Users often need to write project specific and sheet specific data to the title blocks that are used in printouts. We have now added a set of functions for title block handling to the MagiCAD Project Management window.

MagiCAD title block functions allow you to set up different title block types. These title block types can then be used to update general project data to the label blocks of drawing sheets. For each title block type, you can define the properties that will be included and which attributes will be used to fill the information. You can also define the attributes that will include revision data, as well as the types of reports that will be produced based on the title blocks.

Using custom title block types makes it easy to update the label block information in drawing sheets. They also allow you to easily create different types of reports, such as drawing lists and revision reports, that can be used in an external software or be placed into a drawing as a new block.

2. Quick access to information on latest updates


The MagiCAD Help menu has new options that give you quick access to the latest additions to the software. The ‘What’s New’ option will open the latest updates section in the MagiCAD Help manual for the currently active module and the ‘Whats New, Common’ option opens the latest updates section in the Help manual for the MagiCAD Common tools.

3. Update drawing references for objects


Sometimes the project folder structure or file names need to be changed in the middle of a project. This means a lot of editing work in order to update drawing references for objects that refer to another drawing file, such as connection nodes, sections, circuit symbols, and switchboard and host areas.

Thanks to the new File Reference Manager feature in MagiCAD you can easily change the drawing names and folder paths for objects in the project. Simply select the objects and drawings that you want to edit, right click, and then select Change path to change just the file path, or Change file to change both the file name and path at the same time. You can also zoom to the selected objects and export the object list as a report.

4. Maintenance and clearance zones for products

IFC, Ventilation, Piping, Electrical, Sprinkler

Maintenance and clearance zones for products help users ensure that there is enough space around the products for maintenance and safety. The zones can be set on and off in Part Properties. When used, maintenance and clearance zones are also included in collision checking between products.

Maintenance and clearance zones are not yet available for all MagiCAD products, but they are being gradually added.

5. Define fixed length cable products


You can now define fixed length cable products in an electrical project to simulate prefabricated cables. The given length is then used in calculations and Bill of Materials lists. A warning is shown if you exceed the fixed length of a cable during drawing so that users do not accidentally underestimate the cable length.

6. Calculate minimum water tank size for sprinkler systems


An external water tank for a sprinkler system is needed in cases where the water supply from the city water network is not sufficient to supply the system. The minimum size needed for the water tank can now be automatically calculated with MagiCAD. The calculation is based on the flow at the root of the sprinkler network and the minimum operating times of hazard classes. The operating times are based on the CEA 4001 standard. If needed, a custom operating time can also be defined.

7. Perform ventilation sizing with smaller connection ducts

Ventilation, Calculation

You can now perform ventilation sizing with connection ducts that are smaller than the connection size of a ventilation device. Previously, MagiCAD only allowed connection ducts that are the same size or bigger than the device connection.